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Posted by Marty Green Properties on 6/12/2019

This is a rare gem, 2 story office or light industrial building a mere seconds from Route 146. Potential for a contractor to install drive in doors on the south side of the building. Or ideal combination light assembly and office space to fit a growing business. Owners will consider a long term lease.

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Posted by Marty Green Properties on 6/11/2019

There is a reason why online lenders like Quicken Loans have amassed millions of customers over the past few years. Actually, there are a number of reasons. Here are a few just for starters.


Anyone with a phone or home internet connection can apply for a house loan online. Wherever you are in the country, you can ask for a house loan, and get it at a competitive rate. To be considered for a mortgage by a bank, you will need to be an account holder with them. Then you will need a bank official to walk you through the application process. Online lenders strive to make their application procedure easy to follow so you can do it yourself from start to finish with minimal guidance. Better Mortgage has been feted for its intuitive online process. 

Quick TAT

Getting approval for your mortgage application from conventional banks can prove to be like waiting for a miracle. Scrutiny on applications is tighter now more than ever in the wake of the recent financial crisis. You may have to wait for more than a month before you get a green light on your mortgage. Online lenders allow you to begin the process online if youíre interested in the product and are agreeable with the terms. Some, like Quicken Loans, promise to get your approval within a matter of minutes. Online mortgage providers will even allow you to complete the entire process online, giving a provision for you to upload all supporting documentation to their website securely.

Informed decision

You will find most, if not all, the information you need to decide on your loan on the lenderís website. Most of them have embedded a loan calculator on their webpages, which allows you to work out how much you will need to pay every month if you input the price of the house and your initial deposit. Even after you secure the mortgage, you can keep track of your repayment schedule without having to call or visit a branch.

Bad credit

A low credit score will quickly undo your application for a mortgage with JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo or any other traditional bank. After burning their fingers during the housing crisis, few of them are willing to take on the risk of FHA-backed house loans. This kind of loan was the low-hanging fruit for many first-time aspiring homeowners as well as those with lower-than-average credit ratings.

Browse through this independent review of online lenders if you intend to invest in a new pad soon.

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Posted by Marty Green Properties on 6/4/2019

Moving your old apartment furniture into a new home can be awkward and frustrating. The pieces that once filled your small studio are now dwarfed by the size of each room. It seems no matter how you arrange them nothing makes them any bigger.

This also always seems to exasperate feeling that all of your furniture is boring and drab. Itís outdated, cheap looking and not nearly up to parr with your beautiful new house.

I hear you. But this doesnít mean you need to toss it all out to start completely from scratch. And itís not the wisest time to seek financing for swanky new pieces after just wrapping up the house buying process. Instead, try these tips:

Start by rearranging which furniture is used in which room. Just because it has always been used in your bedroom does not mean a piece needs to stay there. Simply moving it to fit in with the decor of another room could bring it whole new life. Give it a try! I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Replace and/or remove hardware from existing pieces. This can modernize an old favorite and make a cheaper piece feel more upscale. Look for either antique pulls or some sleek new t-bar handles. You may even want to remove hardware completely to create a sleek, clean look.

Ask family and friends if they have any pieces they are looking to get rid of or swap for a piece youíre tired of but they love. Keep in mind when considering these pieces what changes can be made to them if they arenít the perfect fit at first glance. Can they be repurposed or given a facelift?

There are few things a coat of black or white paint canít freshen up. You may also want to consider other neutral tones like grays, browns and navy blues. If the piece has millwork consider painting it two colors to give it a drastic new look.

Give outdated finishes an update with metallic spray paint. Whichever finish you have your heart set on you will be sure to find at your local hardware store. Whether you want a new metallic tone or a bright fun color painting a piece can change it into something that feels entirely new.

Add new smaller pieces that are more affordable to add to your decor. They can distract from the pieces theyíre rooming with and create a more modern, updated look. Pick up items you love from your favorite stores and keep an eye out on places like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

While browsing used pieces for sale if you find a great deal keep the above tips in mind when considering to make a bid. Many times you just need to flex your imagination to find the perfect decor for you!

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Posted by Marty Green Properties on 5/28/2019

All communities have increases and decreases in population, demographics, and times when several (or very few) homes are on the market. Sometimes, it's merely that the stars aligned for several homeowners at the same time. Once in a while, because the market is particularly hot, many of the owners hope to cash in on the rising prices. In a few cases, however, it is a BIG. RED. FLAG.

Proceed with caution.

Getting in early to a neighborhood that is on the cusp of gentrifyingóof becoming that trendy place where everybody wants to liveócan be a savvy move for personal homebuyers and investment purchases. But just because the neighborhood next door made the transition doesnít always mean this one is next up.

If you can purchase several homes in the neighborhood, you can try to force the upward change, but if youíre buying your first family home, take heed of a few signs that a community has headed down instead of up.

Lots of homes for sale.

As noted above, sometimes itís just a fluke that several homes go on the market at once. Other times, it is because some community event triggered it. This event could be a school district redistricting so that students no longer qualify to go to the school they planned for, an increase in a local tax, because the water/sewer lines need upgrading but the city isn't budging, or an increase in homeowner association dues.

Association woes.

Speaking of homeowner associations, sometimes it's not the dues, it's just the restrictive rules. If all the houses look identical; if the color palette seems to be within one or two hues; if the turf is all the same grass, the neighborhood might have a super-controlling association. While many folks are fine with tightly-defined rules, you'll want to know going in so that your dreams of a minty-green paint over all that red brick aren't dashed on the rocks of the rulebook and covenants.

School shuffling.

If the school district is moving the lines, it's important to know before you invest. The changes might be in your favor, in which case: get right in there and make your move. But if you had old information on where your kids would qualify to go, you need to know.

Different demographics.

In older neighborhoods, an aging population may be in transition out. If so, that might signal the perfect time for younger families to move in, upgrade, update, and upscale the homes into this decade. One way for you to know for sure is to speak to people that know. Talk to the neighbors when you go to that open house. Drive along the streets at the end of the workday to see who is coming and going. Stop by in the morning for a look at how many kids are heading to the school bus stop.

Your local real estate specialist pays attention to trends and can tell you how many homes have sold within the last few years, so use their expertise before making the leap.

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Posted by Marty Green Properties on 5/21/2019

Two office spaces ready for build out and join other professional, medical and or health care professionals. Ground level space is 2,000 square feet ($17.00 a square foot, gross). Second floor space is 3,000 square feet $26.00 a square foot gross.

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