Trending Sustainable Features Found in Luxury Homes

by Marty Green Properties 11/10/2021

Photo by Lukas Hartmann from Pexels

Luxury real estate is often defined by elaborate interior design elements and state-of-the-art technology blended seamlessly into the home. These properties are designed to wow and amaze the average home buyer while enticing luxury buyers to invest in the ever-growing real estate market.

In addition to lavish extras, the luxury homes of today often include eco-friendly amenities and sustainable features. These features are in high-demand among luxury home buyers and real estate investors. Some of the sustainable features that are trending in luxury homes include:

Solar Panels

Solar panels are often considered a luxury upgrade to the average home, but they are almost standard on the grand homes that are desired by affluent home buyers. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they provide homeowners with a cost-effective way to power their home. Solar power is endless, and therefore is one of the most sustainable ways to generate electricity. In addition, solar panels can add an elegant touch to the exterior design of any luxury property.

Expertly-Designed Gardens

Rather than investing in sculpted landscaping services that can be costly to maintain, luxury homeowners are more interested in having beautiful yet productive gardens in their yards. These gardens often mimic the designs of grand estates in Europe, but are not just for decoration. Many luxury homeowners rely on their gardens to produce fresh fruits and vegetables for their home, or to grow flowers that will be cut and displayed inside their personal rooms.

Smart Technology

Most luxury properties that have been built in the last two decades will have energy-efficient appliances and other state-of-the-art technology inside them. In order to maximize the efficiency of these features, luxury homeowners will want to invest in smart technology that allows them to automate their homes. Smart technology can be used to learn the habits and patterns within the home, and to only run appliances and other electronics when necessary. This type of technology is particularly beneficial in large homes, as it helps lower the operating costs of the property.

Living Roofs and Walls

Sometimes referred to as green roofs, living roofs and walls are innovative design features that allow grass, trees and other shrubbery to grow along the walls or on the roof of the property. They capture sunlight, reduce water waste and offer an excellent way to naturally manage the temperature of a home. While it is possible to install your own green roof, most luxury homeowners who want them ask that these living walls be incorporated into the original design of their property.

Sustainable Water Features

Water features have long been a hallmark of luxury home design, but traditional fountains and ponds are not always the most sustainable option. Fortunately, luxury builders have found ways to create efficient water features that help capture natural rainwater and reduce the amount of energy needed to operate.

In today's luxury home market, success is not defined by the sheer size and scope of the home. More often than not, luxury home buyers are looking for a property that will accommodate their tastes and preferences all while reducing their ecological footprint. They want to purchase a home that they will feel good about living in.